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The Executive Team
  Dawn Addazio Deana Christopher Thomas Glenn
Dawn Addazio
Founder / President
Deana Christopher
Senior VP, IT
Thomas Glenn
Senior VP, Chief Operations Officer
  Louis Addazio    
Louis Addazio
VP Quality Assuance

Dawn E. Addazio

Dawn E. Addazio, CCS Founder/President, has 17 years of experience in implementing high-volume and complex claims settlements/ administration, and is often called upon to provide operational reviews, value added consulting, testing and auditing services for "troubled" or complex settlements.

Dawn served as Vice President of Operations for another administration firm before founding CCS in 1998 and personally audited four (4) high-volume/complex or "troubled" settlements administered by competitor firms. These reviews were client and/or court requested and, in each case, millions of dollars in loss calculation errors or "operational holes" were uncovered.

Dawn has implemented quality and audit requirements on hundreds of settlements and ensured the accurate calculations on settlements involving both simple and high profile cases (e.g. SEC disgorgement funds, treasury auctions, State Attorneys General refund programs, consumer, third-party payor, antitrust, securities, derivatives, insurance and other financial cases.) She served as a "value added" operational and calculation auditor/consultant for six years to a settlement board consisting of class and government counsel in a billion dollar, claims-made ERISA settlement.

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