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Listing of Settlements

The following is a partial list of the CCS cases:

AIG Securities Litigation-PwC Settlement
AIMCO Class Action Settlement
Airborne/DHL Settlement
Alias Research, Inc.
Securities Litigation
Alliant Pension Class Action
American Franklin Life Insurance
Company Litigation
AndrogenX Consumer Litigation
Arden Realty Inc. Shareholder Litigation
AstraZeneca AWP Settlement
Atlas Mining Settlement
AT&T Pension Class Action
Augmentin® Antitrust Litigation
Aviation Distributors, Inc.
Securities Litigation
Avnet Pension Class Action
AWP Litigation
AWP Track 2 Settlement
Banana Class Action
Bandag, Inc. Securities Settlement
Bank Atlantic Securities Litigation
Bankers Life Insurance Company of New York Consolidated Litigation
BAR/BRI Class Action
Bardmoor Class Action Settlement
Baycol Third-Party Payor Litigation
BellSouth Consumer Litigation
Berkshire Realty Litigation
Bextra and Celebrex Settlement
Biovail Securities Litigation Settlement
BMS AWP Settlement
BP Propane
Braman Class Action Settlement
Broward County Strip Search Settlement
BuSpar® Third-Party Payer Antitrust Litigation
Cain v. JPT Automotive Class Action
Campbell Soup Company
Securities Litigation
Cardizem CD Antitrust Litigation
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. Securities Litigation
Chillag v. American International Settlement
CHT, Inc. Class Action
Cipro Antitrust Litigation
Citrus Canker Compensation Class Action
CNL Hotels and Resorts, Inc. Securities Litigation
Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Settlement
Concord Management Class Action Settlement
Conrad v. Perales Settlement
Countrywide Shareholders Litigation
Craig Consumer Electronics, Inc.
Securities Litigation
DRAM Antitrust Litigation
Eaton Vance Securities Litigation
Erie Family Life Insurance Litigation
Escala Derivative Litigation
Escala Securities Litigation

Experimental Applied
Sciences, Inc. ("EAS") Litigation

First Central Financial Corporation Securities Litigation
First DataBank/Medi-Span Settlement
Flagg v. Skadden Pension Class Action
Florida Rock Securities
Force Protection Securities Litigation Securities Litigation
Freeport McMoRan Sulphur, Inc. Shareholder Litigation
In re Gables Residential Trust
Gallagher Insurance Brokerage Antitrust Settlement
Garment Capitol
Associates Litigation
Gasche v. Asworth Corporation
Class Action Settlement
Gateway Insurance Company Litigation Settlement
Grabarnick SEC Settlement Fund
Great American Insurance Litigation
Great Western Bank Securities Litigation
GSK AWP Litigation
Harrah's Entertainment Settlement
Hartford PIP Litigation
Hartford Insurance Texas Settlement
HealthSouth Corporation Securities Litigation
HealthSouth Corporation Securities Litigation - E&Y
Hytrin (Terazosin Hydrochloride)
Antitrust Litigation

Impact Nutrition Litigation

IMT Residential Class Action Settlement
Insurance Brokerage Antitrust Litigation - Zurich Settlement
InterMune Securities Settlement
Interprise Technology Partners, L.P. Settlement
Investments Limited Class Action Settlement
In re IREP Settlement
Isilon Securities Litigation
JC Nichols Securities Litigation
JCC Holding Company Shareholders Litigation
J & J Endosurgical Settlement

Jordan Publishing Litigation

Keller Audit Litigation Claims Administration

KeyStone / SeniorBlue Securities Litigation

HPL/Laminates Class Action Litigation
Landers v. Exchange Settlement
Lancaster County Strip Search Settlement
Imperial Chemical Settlement
In re Lincoln Management Company
Litton Industries / Northrup
Securities Litigation
Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc Securities Litigation
Lupron® Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. ("MMC") Securities Litigation
McKesson AWP Settlement
Medco ERISA Settlement
Mercury Interactive Settlement
Merrill Lynch Securities Litigation
Metals USA, Inc. Shareholder Litigation
Miami Automotive Retail Settlement
Morgan Stanley Securities Litigation
Motorola Securities Litigation
Mylan Laboratories (Lorazepam and Chlorazepate) Antitrust Litigation
Nantucket Island Associates Litigation
Napp Technologies Inc. Litigation
Natural Gas Litigation (NYMEX)
Navistar Securities Settlement
Norfolk Southern
Norland Medical Systems
Securities Litigation
North Carolina Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Norwegian Cruise Line Settlement
Nuko Information Systems, Inc.
Securities Litigation

Nutraceutics Litigation

Ocwen Financial Corporation
Securities Litigation
Oil Changer Partnership Litigation
Olen Residential Class Action Settlement
Ong. v. Sears Securities Litgation
Opnext Securities Litigation
Orbital Sciences Corp. Securities Litigation
Oryan Mall4All Consumer Litigation
OSB Antitrust Litigation
Ovcon 35 TPP Settlement
OxyContin TPP Settlement
Page Collins v PBGC
PaineWebber Short-Term US Gov't
Income Fund Litigation
Parallel Petroleum Shareholder Litigation
Park BAR/BRI Class Action Securities Litigation
Paxil CR Settlement
Paxil® Class Action Settlement
Pediatric Paxil Third-Party Payor Settlement
Pennsylvannia State Correction Officers Litigation
Phoenix Leasing Limited
Partnership Litigation
Piedmont Recsission Offer
Pimco Commodities Litigation
Provident Royalties Litigation
Pixelplus Securities Litigation
Publication Paper Antitrust Litigation
Platinol® Direct Purchaser Settlement
Premarin Class Action
Premier Cruise Lines, Ltd. Litigation
PriceSmart Securities Litigation
Qiao Xing Securities Settlement
Quest Software Class Action Settlement
Real Estate Associates Limited
Partnership Litigation
Realogy Corp. Shareholder Litigation
Red Light Camera Litigation
Relafen Antitrust Litigation
Remeron Antitrust Settlement
Riscorp, Inc. Securities Litigation
RMS Titanic Litigation
SafeNet, Inc. Shareholders Litigiation
Sara Lee Securities Litigation
Sears Roebuck Consumer Litigation
SEC Nvidia Investor Fund
Security National Insurance Co. Settlement
In re Seitel, Inc. Securities Litigation
Semgroup Energy Partners, L.P., Securities Litigation
Serostim Litigation
Service Corporation International
Shared Medical Systems Settlement
SmartForce (SkillSoft) PLC Securities Litigation
Solvay America Pension Class Action
Sonus Networks, Inc. Securities Litigation II
Sourcefire Securities Litigation
Spear & Jackson/Celebrity
Sprint Securities Litigation Settlement
Statin Drug States Settlement
Tag-It Class Action Settlement
T.D. Waterhouse Consumer Litigation
In re Targets Securities Litigation
Taxol Direct Purchaser
Antitrust Litigation
Taxol Third-Party Payor
Antitrust Litigation
Tele-Communications Inc. Shareholders Litigation
Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. Class Action Litigation
Transamerica Partnership Litigation
TriCor Litigation
Unity Life Insurance Litigation
Urethane-Polyester Polyols
Urethane-Polyether Polyols

USAA Litigation

US Auto Parts Network Securities
Van Kampen Securities Litigation
Valet Parking Systems, Inc. Settlement
Vitamin Shoppe Andro Settlement 
Vytorin/Zetia Settlement

Walmart Stores / Chase Manhattan Bank Consumer Litigation

Warfarin Sodium Antitrust
Litigation (Coumadin)
Washington Mutual Settlement
Waste Management Inc. of Florida Settlement
Weider Andro Settlement
Wilmington Trust Company
Securities Litigation
Xethanol Corporation Securities Xethanol Corporation Securities
Zale Securities Litigation Settlement
Z-Methoxy Litigation Settlement