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“Overall project management in the areas of planning, scheduling, monitoring, billing and reporting have been excellent.”
— Quotes from our Clients

CCS Employs the Latest in Technological Capacity and
Compatability with your own systems


CCS works with a large variety of software packages including, but not limited to, all of the Microsoft® Office applications, PowerBuilder®, Seagate® Crystal Reports®, Microsoft® Visual FoxPro®, Adobe®, and Macromedia®.  These applications are incorporated into our daily work processes allowing for efficient productivity, automated programs, and the capability of reading all types of data and/or media formats.

We have the latest in technology with a dedicated database server containing over 1 Terabyte of available disk space.  To obtain higher availability, our servers have redundant power supplies with RAID 5 configuration. As part of our contingency plan, we use a Quantum LTO® Tape Autoloader that provides a powerful, automated data protection solution. Combined with our backup software that features "hot" SQL Server backups we can ensure ease of data recovery.

CCS takes measures to ensure our data and systems are safe with Symantec Antivirus™ Corporate Edition software, which provides centralized advanced virus protection and monitoring of all client personal computers and servers.  To prevent intruders from breaching network security, system level encrypted passwords are changed quarterly and user-level encrypted passwords are changed semiannually. 

Additionally, our dedicated T1 line is routed directly into a Cisco® PIX® security appliance that protects our network from intruders by delivering stateful inspection firewalling, standards-based IPsec Virtual Private Networking, intrusion protection, Network Address Translation, and content (Java/ActiveX®) and URL filtering.

We manage multiple Local and Wide Area Networks between our Florida and New York offices that each support up to 100-user workstations.   Real-time connectivity between both networks is achieved through Microsoft® Terminal Services, which allows for seamless, uninterrupted communication between our offices. 

We have several Uninterruptible Power Supply units in the event of a power interruption, as well as a backup generator for the entire office building.

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