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Integrated Settlement Information System (ISIS)

CCS’ proprietary system, ISIS (Integrated Settlement Information System) is a relational database that was designed with user-friendly features that allow for:

Quick and accurate data entry, either manually or using barcode technology.

Easy-to-use query menu options.

Advanced reporting tools for standard and ad hoc customized reports.

Generic Modules for easy customization for any settlement.

ISIS is supported by SQL Server 2000, a client/server database engine that supports triggers, stored procedures and views (virtual tables). SQL Server is a robust relational database product that runs on our Windows® 2003 Server enhanced for large-scale online transactional processing. It also supports the Microsoft® Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard allowing integration with other front-end applications supporting ODBC.

This makes reporting, whether routine or customized, that much easier, and allows hands-on data for review and manipulation by the end-user. Additionally data is in real-time, not batched, and is easily queried.

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